Home Cinema


“A system that replicates the audio and visual quality of the cinema in your house.”

In other words: Home Theatre. This home entertainment system includes a home cinema projector, acoustic design, and cinema seating.
You just have to choose where you want the Home cinema to be installed. It can be in a dedicated room or a multipurpose room. We make sure to install all the proper equipment which suits your needs.
We know what we do because that is what we love to do. Technology is our friend. We are delighted to provide you with high standards in entertainment.

Dedicated Room or Multipurpose Room

Home Entertainment System

Home Cinema System can be installed in a specially built room or incorporate it into a family living space. You can now invite friends over to a movie night, and have the best experience of Home Cinema.
LifeStyle Electronics supplies a range of high-end Home cinema systems to cater for both types of environments.
With one remote only! Control your Home cinema system to:

  • Control everything from lighting to temperature and blackout curtains.
  • Control surround sound.
  • Display full HD and 4K images from sources such as DVD, Blu-ray, SKY HD, Apple TV.

Enjoy Smart TV online services like YouTube or Netflix.

Screens and Projectors

Lifestyle Products & Brands

Home Cinemas can be based around a flat-screen TV or a projector and screen combination. You may find this service perfect for your conference room as well. Enhance your training sessions with HD and HQ equipment. If your business is millennial-friendly, you may want to have a cinema or a playroom to satisfy their needs. Become a better place to work!

LifeStyle Electronics helps you to achieve the goals you set for your technology changes. We are specialist in providing High Performance Equipment & Smart Solutions to both commercial and residential requirements.

Acoustic Design


We provide a design and installation service for high-end private cinema systems. The Acoustic Design service includes a full acoustic plan, especially for the room. It is important to have the perfect audio for the perfect experience. Imagine that you have a Cinema flat-screen, and the audio is bad. Not good, right? That is why we have created our Acoustic Design service, which includes HD & HQ equipment, giving you the best audio experience.

At LifeStyle Electronics, we love to share moments with family and friends. We know you love that too. It is our number one goal to satisfy you with everything you need for that particular moment.

Cinema Seating


What better way to enjoy a movie than in one of our cinema seats?

It would not feel like the cinema without the proper seats. You can watch a movie in the comfort of your house, set the lights to low with our Home Automation App, and enjoy the movie. Yes, we have everything you need to make your entertaining easier and fun.

LifeStyle Electronics has ensured the best possible experience to replicate cinema adventure. Our Cinema Seating is made from HQ material as well. So it goes above you’re the traditional cinema-quality level.