Lighting & Heating Controls


“We know every situation has its mood. The lights and the heat are the top tip to enrich the feelings and emotions.”
Imagine that you are having a movie night with your family and friends, but there is too much light that you cannot see the screen. Or maybe you want to have a special time with your loving one, but the weather is too hot that makes your ice cream melt.
LifeStyle Electronics has the smart solution for your requirements. We are experts in providing HQ equipment. Our home-app is our 5-star product and service. You can control the lights and heating with just one click.

Centralised Lighting Controls

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Control the lighting from one place. Lifestyle Electronics’ central lighting control systems go beyond simply adjusting light in your house. Our lighting control systems, whether you are home or away, allows you to:
– Automatically control lighting to suit your needs.
– Create lighting scenes for night time, holiday mode and other periods.
– Turn off all internal lights with one touch of the button to activate night mode in your house.

It includes our Lighting Control System which helps to manage your entire lighting.

We provide high-performance services to make your life less stressful and complicated. That is part of our philosophy, to manage everything without any inconvenience from anywhere you are.

Mood Lighting Systems

Lifestyle Products & Brands

Lifestyle Electronics supplies Mood Lighting Systems that are LED based and energy efficient. With digital controls you can choose any colour light to suit your mood and situation.

This particular service is ideal for game shops, museums, gyms, and health institutions. Improve your art scenarios. Set the lights according to the feelings.

Have you heard about colour psychology? Now, you can take advantage of it and use it right. Every situation and mood has its colour. Happiness? Yellow. Inspired? Light blue. Concentrated? Purple.

We know about this lighting principles and how it affects clients and colleagues. Imagine working in an environment where the lights are low and red. How would that make you feel? Your company can enhance its brand awareness through our mood lighting systems.

Single System for Heating & Lighting

Reduce costs and complexity by using a single system for heating and lighting control.  One switch plate can be used to control the temperature and lighting in a room.

Our all-in-one switch plate makes your look better. Fewer components and less wiring is used reducing costs and increasing reliability.  This system can also be used to operate drapes, blinds and motorised windows.

LifeStyle Electronics provides this service so that you can improve your home automation system. We transform your home into a Smart Home. Our lighting and heating controls enhance the aesthetics of your house.


Lighting can be automated to come on at dusk so that you never have to come home to a dark house. The lighting controls also take into account the changing times of dusk and also summer and winter daylight savings. Motion detectors and intelligent lighting also lower energy costs.

Home automation is the best choice to manage your entire home. No matter if your near or far away from home, you can adjust the level of the lighting and heating. Now, you can come to a warming place on a winter’s day.