Energy Monitoring and Management

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Property managers, building maintenance staff and even homeowners can now track data on electricity usage and cost.

Remotely monitor all types of energy usage, including appliances, HVAC and lighting. Use this system to remotely dim lights, lower shades and adjust climate settings to save additional energy.

LifeStyle Electronics takes into account the ecological aspect of your Home Automation. We design systems that allow you to take full control of your thermostat, windows shades and drapes. Also, it enables you to reduce energy consumption, saving money. We implement systems that regulates your thermostat and shades to reduce demand for heating, bringing your bills down.

What does our Energy Monitoring and Management system do?

    • Sets the temperature for each room individually.
    • Sets the shades to close automatically during the day to ensure a cool interior.
    • Control everything with a remote device, even if you are not home.