“A.K.A ‘Smart Home’, involves the use of modern technology to have household activities done automatically, which means it requires only little to no intervention from the user.”

Our Control and Automation service can be used from anywhere in the world. Our app enables you to manage your entire lighting and devices from one place. This is a must have for Smart Homes. The automated lighting system for home gives access to all the lighting in your home, whether inside or outside of it. You can now turn off the lights from your office.

Remote Control Systems


First, imagine being able to control TV, music, lighting, temperature, shades or drapes in your house using a single remote control or smartphone APP. It would be a dream come true, right? Dream no more, LifeStyle Electronics smart home systems make it possible. You can enjoy the newest technology with easy to operate controls.
Now, imagine being able to switch on the heating half an hour before coming from work on a winters day, or maybe remotely turning on a light? It is possible too! Thanks to our home remote control system, you can turn on the lights when you are not at home to make it look like there is someone there (creating the illusion that the house is being occupied).

Integration Remote Monitoring and Control


Ideal for those who travel a lot or have multiple homes. Nowadays, work and business require your presence. We know it is hard to work if you are thinking about other things. That is why we have created this service.
Remote monitoring and control allows homeowners to access and monitor their home’s electronic systems from anywhere in the world. You can go on vacations and travel without any inconvenience. Our system got you covered! It will notify of any faults in the systems and can even contact the service company to initiate a service call.
Turn your home or office into a smart place!

Building Management & Control Systems


Think eco-friendly. LifeStyle Electronics brings eco-solutions to homeowners to preserve resources and save money. With our home automation-system you can take full control of your energy usage through the APP:
Lighting control systems
Did you forget to turn off the lights? With our lighting control system you can turn the light on or off using an astronomical clock.
Set blinds to close automatically during the day to protect the interior of your house from sunlight.
Reduce energy consumption with a thermostat that regulates room temperature based on climate fluctuations.
Monitor energy consumption
Measure and report on energy usage and production in real-time enabling users to reduce consumption and conserve resources. Interesting! It provides you with all the important data.

Energy Monitoring and Management


Property managers, building maintenance staff and even homeowners can now track data on electricity usage and cost.

Remotely monitor all types of energy usage, including appliances, HVAC and lighting. Use this system to remotely dim lights, lower shades and adjust climate settings to save additional energy.

LifeStyle Electronics takes into account the ecological aspect of your Home Automation. We design systems that allow you to take full control of your thermostat, windows shades and drapes. Also, it enables you to reduce energy consumption, saving money. We implement systems that regulates your thermostat and shades to reduce demand for heating, bringing your bills down.

What does our Energy Monitoring and Management system do?

  • Sets the temperature for each room individually.
  • Sets the shades to close automatically during the day to ensure a cool interior.

Control everything with a remote device, even if you are not home.