Modern technology in Period houses and Conservation projects

Recently we have been working on some large period houses that have been bought by foreign investors.  It seems that this is a good time to be investing in large estates and properties.  One of the first things the new owners look at putting in place is communications and TV services.  We have installed internet and telephone systems that allows them to connect to their offices back home and also keep an eye on their property in Ireland.  From a PC or iPAD from anywhere in the World they can view their investment using camera systems that have been discretely installed on the property.

Most of the new owners will be used to state of the art audiovisual systems and will look for the same here.  A lot of these estates will not have the most up to date wiring.  However, using a combination of wired and wireless technologies we can ensure that their owners have all the comforts of a modern house while living in a period home.  Using Savant audiovisual systems they can easily control any of the systems in the house.  When back home they can also monitor and manage the heating systems.

Bearing in mind that most of these buildings are listed, we use equipment that can be concealed therby reducing wall clutter with unsightly wall switches, controls and thermostats.  These buildings were designed for different times but that does not mean that the new owners cannot enjoy the comforts that modern technology brings.