Dedicated room or multipurpose room

Home Cinema Systems can install in a specially built room or incorporated it into a family living space.
Lifestyle Electronics supplies a range of high- end Home cinema systems to cater for both types of environments.

With one remote, control your Home cinema system to:
Control everything from lighting to temperature and blackout curtains;
Control surround sound
Display full high definition and 4K images from sources such as DVD, BluRay, SKY HD, Apple TV.
Enjoy Smart TV online services like YouTube or NetFlix.


Screens and projector

Home cinemas can be based around a flat screen TV or a projector and screen combination.


Acoustic design

We provide a design and install service for high end private cinema systems.  This includes a full acoustic design specifically for the room.

Cinema seating

What better way to enjoy a movie than in one of our cinema seats.

Home Entertainment System
Home Theater