Sound Systems


Broadly speaking, sound systems fall into two categories:

Multiroom sound systems – play different music or radio in different` rooms. (play an eclectic choice of music to suit the mood in each room) or, play the same music in all rooms.  Lifestyle Electronics has a solution for you to enjoy sound from many sources (for example,) iPods, CD players or streaming music services such as Tidal or Spotify. With our Multiroom sound systems your family can enjoy different music in each part of the house, for instance, news radio (Radio news) in the kitchen, soft music in the bedroom and work out music on the patio.
Our Multiroom sound systems are easy to use for any member of the family. It is operated using an APP on an iPhone / iPad or tablet.

High Resolution Audio (Hi-Res Audio or High Res Audio) is the latest development in high quality sound reproduction for those looking to achieve the best music experience from their personal or residential sound system.  We provide a range of sound systems from leading manufacturers (for example…..PMC Speakers, Bryston, etc.) usually associated with recording studio equipment.

High Definition Video Distribution


4K video resolution provides much higher resolution video than 1080p (or HD) – increasing the number of pixels by 4 times.  Lifestyle Electronics provide a range of solutions that allow you to distribute all your audio and video sources throughout the house to the various rooms as needed.  From any TV you can select from a number of centrally located sources such as Sky HD, DVD players, Radio, CD players and Apple TV.

This also allows all the electronics to be hidden away in one location reducing the clutter in rooms. (improving the aesthetics of the living areas)

Video over IP


With the proliferation of high speed networks both in the home and in commercial environments, Ip is fast becoming the standard for video distribution.  It offers the flexibility and scalability that no other system can achieve.