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10.000 W Uber Sub Helps Room Rock Down 9HZ

By admin on June 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

The space that would become this award-winning home theater had sat for a while as an empty concrete room while the homeowner eyed its possibilities. It turned out that his eyes were bigger than his stomach. In other words, his home theater dreams were bigger than his future home theater room. What does a person do in that situation? Why, call up the heavy equipment, of course. In this case, the heavy equipment meant an excavation crew to dig down past the existing foundation nearly another three feet. “It was extreme,” says World Wide Stereo’s Chad Snedaker, who helped usher the home theater project along for 18 months. “Most theaters have two rows of seats, but this homeowner wanted three, and to accommodate the sight lines we either had to go up or down. Since up meant going into the [home’s] living area, we had to go down.”

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