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How Home Automation Ireland Helps with Aging in Place

By admin on October 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

Home automation, also known as a ‘smart home’, involves the use of modern technology to have household activities done automatically, which means it requires only little to no intervention from the user. With the help of Remote Control Systems Ireland, homeowners or users have remote control over the devices or equipment performing certain activities.


What is Home Automation for?

The primary goal of home automation Ireland is to create homes that are more enjoyable, easier, and safer to live in. This technology can benefit especially the disabled or the elderly who are aging in place. These are the seniors and the elderly people who remain in their own homes.

Below are the several ways the use of Savant smart control 12 and other smart home systems can make the lives of an older person easier and more comfortable:


For locking and unlocking doors


A smart lock helps seniors avoid getting locked out because of a forgotten or lost key. With home automation, tapping on a keypad or having one’s iris or fingerprints scanned can be used to authorize admittance. WIth this technology, an ill or frail elderly person can also admit trusted individuals without having to get up from the bed or change.


Operating lights


An expert electrician from a retail electronics shop can set or program a smart house lighting system to master the patterns of its owner. Here, information is gathered about when an elderly person usually switches on and off the lights and lamps. A motion sensor is also used to determine when the user has left the room, or perhaps has fallen asleep while watching TV.

It’s very interesting also that the lighting system in a smart home can also meet the changing demands of an elderly person. Using a home automation system, the level of lighting in a house or room can be adjusted automatically according to what is comfortable and suitable to the visual ability of an elderly person.


Safety and security


Home automation Ireland provides the elderly with a safer environment in the bathroom and kitchen. Remote controls can be used to auto-adjust bathroom water for a safer temperature. There is also a smart stove that switches off by itself, making the home much safer for older people who are likely to forget they are cooking something.

Old people have brittle bones, so falls are extremely disabling for them. The good thing is that there are fall detectors that can be programmed so that a caregiver or a family member can be alerted immediately in case this accident happens.

Lifestyle Electronics is your number one source of Home Energy Monitoring Device Ireland and other home automation systems that are guaranteed to give your loved ones a comfortable and safe home environment.

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